HEA would like to send Kate, Princess of Wales, our healing prayers and thoughts at this difficult time for Kate and her family. We also pray that they are allowed privacy to come to terms with her diagnosis.


Welcome to the Holistic Energy Association, also referred to as HEA

The HEA came into being on 1st January 2012 and was founded by Mark Wainwright, guided by the Angelic Realms, as a safe haven for Spiritual Healers to continue to work.


To provide a safe and respected organisation for
Spiritual Healers, in an environment of
equality, morality and deep love for Spiritual Healing

To provide a safe and respected organisation
for the training of Spiritual Healers

To bring awareness of Spiritual Healing
into the public domain

To provide Spiritual Healing to all
irrespective of belief, origin or background

When there is no place to go,
and all feel they have lost their way.
Deep in the soul one begins to pray,
from the heavenly bodies above
comes the dawning of the day.
To bring into the fold those who heal,
so they may have a sacred home,
one they feel they trust and be as one.
This is how the HEA begun

A Dedication from the Angelic Realms
Channelled by Ginny Burman

The HEA is a member organisation of UK Healers and the Confederation of Healing Organisations.

The Holistic Energy Association is registered with HMRC Charities, Registration XT32487

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