Spiritual Healing is one of the most wonderful activities that can be undertaken by any person. To provide channelled healing energy is pure dedication to humanity.

The world has a rich tapestry of all kinds of persons in differing lands and of many beliefs, but of those who wish to apply to join the HEA, the only requirement is to be heart centred and ready to work for the good of humanity. Those who wish to receive spiritual healing will be welcome no matter what their background.

Our Healer Members are dedicated to working as Spiritual Healers for the greater good. Our work is within the community, either at Healing Centre’s, visiting the housebound or at home. Many work on a voluntary basis. As Spiritual Healers we are always here and ready to listen with a comforting ear to anyone in need of someone to talk to.  It will always be in total confidence and we are bound by a strict Code of Conduct.

The HEA is governed by a committee of five, all of whom have signed a declaration stating that:

  • all committee members are equal
  • no committee member has a casting vote
  • no committee member has authority over another
  • differing points of view are welcome, bad manners are not
  • The position of Chair is reserved for the Great Spirit

The five members of the committee bring considerable experience of Spiritual Healing, the management of registered charities and of business generally.

Committee Members:
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Ginny Burman

Pat Fisher

Shelagh Gillingham

Dave Wilson

Mike Laity